Jen Halterman
Seducer of Aliveness


Get out from under the microscope of self-judgment and criticism and start shining the Light of Your Aliveness by Honoring Your Perception.

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Seducing Aliveness

Jen Halterman and Tamara Younker shared 100 shows and you can still enjoy a portion of those shows on Blog Talk Radio.

The Girl Talk Show
Women experience a lot of strange and wonderful things with their bodies and most of them are considered taboo or inappropriate to talk about... and those are the topics Jen and Jeni are talking about on this Talk Show!

Lighten up with Jen and Cheri
Jen and Cheri took to the airwaves on a podcast. They shared their personal perspectives about topics ranging from relationship dynamics to living a Conscious Life. These shows are full of stories and tools for improving your life.

We hope you enjoy the over
90 archived shows of Lighten Up with Jen and Cheri!

Jen Halterman on The Erica Glessing Show

8 minutes of Questions and Answers on The Erica Glassing Show

This show aired January 12, 2017

Letting Your Yes Have Its Way with You
on Living Beyond Lynear with Keisha Clark
guests Jen Halterman & Jeni Burgess

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Some interviews are so full of surprises that the description that comes after is most accurate!

What Keisha had to say about this show...
"I am Loving this energy! Such a Yummy Wow for me; so many nuggets ~ getting the difference between an auto-pilot yes, and an honest yes; being willing to receive what our yes creates; acknowledging our yes and our desire, letting our yes feed our aliveness, letting yes seduce us ~ YUM ^_^" FB Post

What Jen had to say about the show...
"I had a playdate, which translates to: I was a guest on a podcast with two of my favorite people and I am not gonna lie... we had #TooMuchFun!
Among the Awarenesses were hysterical Laughter and apparently turds 💩 & BBQ Sauce!
Do not listen if you are in an environment where laughter is not allowed!
This show comes with a ☕️ 🍺 🥃 🍹 🥛Spew Warning!"

To summarize we had a Great Time! I hope you enjoy the replay!
This show was recorded live on February 3, 2017