Jen Halterman
Seducer of Aliveness
About Jen Halterman
Following a tragic accident that took the lives of eight of her family members, Jen Halterman has been on a personal exploration of her beliefs and perspectives of Death and Grief. Her definition and perception of every ordinary and extraordinary moment has been redefined as her perception shifted after the events.
Jen shares her journey into the darkness of her deepest fears, and how the darkness gave way and revealed the Truth and Light they kept hidden in how she lives her life. She is always exploring how our beliefs color the stories we tell ourselves about our past, present and future and how we can change these stories through courage, love and forgiveness.
Jen Halterman often shares her gifts of Intuition and Instigating a Lighter Perspective about Life with the world through Teaching, Speaking, Coaching, Mentoring, Creating Art and Mothering. 

She dismisses the tendency to use labels and achievements to define us.  Instead, she says, “I bring my Presence and allow what Spirit directs to come through. My job is to stay free of judgment and constriction, remaining a clear channel to be used as God wills"

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