Jen Halterman
Seducer of Aliveness
About Jen Halterman
A little about Me: I live by the Creative Power of Choice. That means I am consciously present in each moment and not attached to what has already or may happen. Like in the world of Improv I take what is available in each moment and create with that, and then I move onto the next moment and continue Creating.

A little about My Professional Style: I do not do your work for you. I am not a Guru who has all your answers. I am a Listener, I See many Perspectives of every situation and I am always curious which means I ask a lot of Questions.

I have a lot of knowledge and training however, I listen to my Intuition more than anything! Most of the time Wisdom comes through Metaphors, leaving YOU to recognize how it all applies to you and your awareness.

With Laughter and Joy