Have you ever been in the middle of something so awesome that you let yourself go full speed and just keep going, and going, and going and going. Then one day you realize that something is OFF and not so awesome anymore?
That happened with me.
In years past I would have kept going, even once I realized it was no longer awesome. Why would I keep going? 
​Because I was afraid of what stopping meant, or would mean to others, about me.
This happened recently with my radio show Seducing Aliveness. 
​The good news is when "not awesome" hit my radar I didn't keep going. No, instead I STOPPED!
​I stopped and slowed down and took a deep dive into ME.
​Nothing is wrong or right about this choice. 
​All I know is I am super thankful that I listened and took action when I did and how quickly I did.
I don't have any conclusions or reasons why it all happened when or the way it did but I do know that it was perfect for me, and that is enough. 

I am not sure when this deep dive will be complete or where it will take me but I do know it is quite Awesome, for now.